Initial Consultation

Perhaps you don't know where to start!? We can meet with you for 1 hour, run through your current channels and give you initial guidance to help you begin to understand your online activity through the world of digital marketing.

This 1-2-1 session costs *£100 for the hour *(subject to location)

Digital Marketing Strategy

Once we have worked out your objectives, you might want us to plan your online marketing activities, get organised and devise a nifty strategy to deliver your business objective online. It may be that you manage this yourself, or ask us to help too...

Organic Content Management

This is the bit you may not have time to do; regular, creative and relevant posts on your social media channels. We will manage your channels for you, with no long-term commitment. Costs and time will vary hugely on this, so please talk to us for more info and we'll come up with a plan.

Keyword Analysis

It's really important to execute a keyword analysis before the content is written for a website. This analysis will help you understand what words potential customers are using when they’re searching for businesses like yours, and get you higher up on the search engine.

Social Media Audit

A social media audit is exactly what it says; we'll audit your social media channels, take a look at what you've been doing and advise how you could improve them... the cost will depend on how many channels you have (often carried out in conjunction with a competitor audit).

Competitor Audit

Like the Social Media Audit, but we'll look at your competitors... what are they up to, how many followers do they have, how can customers interact with them? Are they doing things differently, and how can you get one over on them?

Paid Promotion Management

Paid advertising for your brand or product - profile and target potential new customers, and reach an audience outside of your current follower base. Costs and time will vary hugely on this, so please talk to us for more info and we'll come up with a plan.